Free Firewatch update brings lots of new features


Free Firewatch update brings lots of new features

Firewatch is a gorgeously realised adventure that's mostly about wandering around a cell shaded wood and chatting with another lonely person who is out in the wilderness keeping an eye on the horizon for wildfires.

It's a totally unique experience and we urge story fans to seek it out, especially as it's about to get even better.

There's a major update coming to the game today with a headline feature being a brand new audio tour. Here's the skinny from developers Campo Santo:

A few months ago we sat down and thought it'd be great to ship a commentary mode with Firewatch, so, we did the logical next thing and started making one. And then we made some more. And then we thought it'd be neat to build some exhibits out in the forest that would show you how we made certain things in the game. Then we added a scavenger hunt. Then, after a time, we realized we didn't have a commentary mode on our hands, we had a full-on audio tour and tomorrow you'll get to play it!


Over three hours of developer and actor commentary
Almost a hundred collectible audio tapes
Concept art displays, lighting demos, animation how-to's and more
If you like Firewatch, game development or a cross section of the two, this is for you!

That's a very impressive haul indeed and we'll get more details, plus the mode itself, on the 21st of September 2016

Free Firewatch update brings lots of new features on
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