Futurama is back! As a mobile game...


Futurama is back! As a mobile game...

Futurama has had an interesting life so far. Born from the heyday of the Simpsons with creator Matt Groening, it was an instant hit with audiences and critics on its arrival in 1999 but was mistreated by Fox and aired erratically, eventually leading to the series running to a standstill long before its time. Though maybe it would have been better if that also happened to The Simpsons.

The show came back in 2008 as four feature lengthed episodes and returned once more on Comedy Central in 2011 before it was cancelled again in its seventh season. It would seem like people don't really want to visit the universe anymore, but that's not going to stop someone from trying.

Futurama is set to become a mobile game.

Bizarrely, Fox still owns the property and they've teamed up with mobile developers Wooga to bring a new game to the really small screen. Futurama: Game of Drones (how 2011) will see the Planet Express crew competing against MomCo in a delivery war. Basically it will be a puzzle game where you'll have to connect the drones to beat levels.

Former producer Patric Verrone is on board the project, so at least there's some of the original talent, and it have an original storyline written by Dave Grossman - who worked on the original Monkey Island games at LucasArts. There's no word on whether the voice cast will return, but surely they have to at least get a few of them back.

Expect more news on this mobile game soon.

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