Game developer chases burglars out of Robotoki office


Game developer chases burglars out of Robotoki office
If you’re going to break into an office, you should probably choose a better location than that where president of game developer Robotoki, Robert Bowling, is holding down the fort.

The former Infinity Ward creative strategist and community manager sprung into action after two men broke into the Robotoki office, as the video below shows. The video starts off with two burglars kicking in the office door and climbing through. But they get a shock and are sent scampering shortly thereafter when Bowling charges downstairs.

Bowling tweeted, “These two men attempted to rob @Robotoki tonight, unfortunately for them, I work late.” Now that’s a one-liner!

Thankfully, Bowling is safe and, bar a front door that needs replacing, everything within the office is ok. Robotoki is currently working on a post-apocalyptic zombie game, Human Element, which is due out in late 2015 on PC and consoles.

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Game developer chases burglars out of Robotoki office on
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