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Dontnod Entertainment
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XBox 360, PS3, PC
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We’re a little late to the Remember Me party, so let’s get right to it.

Developed by newcomers Dontnod Entertainment, Remember Me brings you to the sullied streets of Neo Paris in the year 2084. Here, the populace is controlled by a device called a Sensen which shares your memories and allows the company in charge to your mind.

You’ll play as Nilin, a former memory hunter who wakes with her memory all but erased. Memory wipes are a common form of policing but Nilin also possesses the power to remix people recollections, changing their perception of the past as they live the present. She sets out to recapture her memory as the powers that be try to stop her.

Remember Me is a game that works very hard to establish its setting, selling the dank underbelly of this futuristic vision of Paris which also contains plenty of familiar touches. It’s vividly crafted, with small patisseries floating their wares in your space-age HUD and older architectural details mixing with the ivory towers of the upper classes.

Beyond the setting, there’s plenty of story on offer – mainly told through frequent cut scenes and dialogue. It follows some well worn sci-fi clichés but it’s actually more interesting than I was expecting, with the slow return of Nilin’s memories used propel important story moments.

You’ll find some very light platforming on offer, with an extremely linear path and none of the weight or versatility we’ve come to expect from Assassin’s Creed or Uncharted and some of the most basic environmental puzzles I’ve experienced in years. And Nilin’s memory mixing skills give her the chance to sometimes meddle with someone else’s mind, changing their past to progress.

These sequences are engaging enough, giving you the chance to fast forward and rewind through a memory as you make binary choices about how things will play out. But the level of interaction is very limited and the longer a puzzle takes the more frustrating it becomes.

You’ll spend the rest of your time in Remember Me in combat, which is the real focus of the game. Nilin is a nippy enough fighter and she recalls more powerful moves as the game progresses. At the core of the combat is an unusual combo system which tasks you with knitting together your own move list with pieces called pressens.

There be combos
There be combosEnlarge Enlarge

Each pressen has a different effect, it might do more damage, earn you some health or help to cool down your special moves. The later a pressen appears in a sequence the more powerful the effect, so you could deal heavy damage and top up your health with a final blow. With only two attack buttons, the combos themselves are easy to pull off and there are a variety of finishing moves and limited powerups that help you in the numerous battles.

It’s a strange system and it takes some getting used to – honestly I ended up using two basic combinations of moves for most encounters, one to punch and one to restore health. Initially, keeping you mind on what moves to use and thinking of cooldowns and rejigging the pressens is engaging but it isn’t long before it becomes repetitive, especially considering the unusually robust health bars of the enemies.

If you’re dead set on a sci-fi story, you could certainly do worse than RememberMe, it’s got a world rife with detail and some interesting things to say about the nature of memory and recall. But it doesn’t take any of the concepts far enough and the clambering and puzzles soon become repetitive. In the end, it simply tries to do too many things and ends up doing none of them particularly well. Maybe a rental.

6 Stars
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