Games of February 2016


Games of February 2016

February is upon us and while it's a (slightly) shorter month there are plenty of gaming delights waiting in the wings - here are the top titles on the way this month.

XCOM 2 (PC) - Feb 5th
The tactical turn based title is back with a sequel taking place 20 years after the aliens pretty much suceeded in invading Earth. You'll play as the Resistance, trying to take back our world or just survive to fight another day. Expect challenging engagments and brutal difficulty, where losing a soldier is a permanent thing.

Assassin's Creed Chronicles Russia (XBO, PS4, PC) - Feb 9th
We may not have a full Assassin's Creed game release in 2016 but Ubisoft is serving up some smaller adventures instead. This is the third in the 2.5D series (with all three coming in a pack at the same time) and takes players to Russia in 1918 as a lone Assassin performs one last mission in the wake of the October revolution.

Dying Light The Following (XBO, PS4, PC) - Feb 9th
One of 2015's most underrated games gets a huge slice of new gameplay in The Following. There's a new story, a new playable area and the chance to tool around in your own zombie killing vehicle. Also launching the same day is a massively updated enhanced edition with all new content that's free for existing players.

Firewatch (PS4, PC) - Feb 9th
In the wild depths of Wyoming in 1989, a fire lookout steps away from his tower on the hunt for a mysterious figure, and the adventure begins... Firewatch brings in talent from Telltale's The Walking Dead and Mark of the Ninja as well as some gorgeous graphics in a narrative game with a twist.

Unravel (XBO, PS4, PC) - Feb 9th
Step into the... twine of a unique character in Unravel. It's a gorgeous looking platforming puzzle game where you're limited in your actions by how much yarn you have left on your body. The character looks great, the world looks cute and there's plenty to discover in the puzzles.

Street Fighter V (PS4, PC) - Feb 16th
The legendary series is back for another round with Street Fighter V. In case you somehow don't know what it is, Street Fighter is about two combatants squaring off and punching eachother until one wins. Of course there's a whole lot more going on than that, with returning characters and a few new faces as well as cross play on all platforms.

Far Cry Primal (XBO, PS4, PC) - Feb 23rd
Ubisoft continues the Far Cry franchise by heading back in time, really far back in time. Primal takes place in prehistory where you play as a caveman who has lost his tribe and has to survive long enough to build up a new group in a very dangerous world. It's looking pretty great so far!

Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 (XBO, PS4, PC) - Feb 23rd
Garden Warfare was a surprisingly fun third person shooter extension to the Plants vs Zombies world, and the sequel is taking everything up a notch. There are new player classes, new modes and, of course, extra zombies to contend with. This time you can play the whole game solo, but you're really missing out on a lot of the fun of killing your friends online.

Superhot (PC) - Feb 25th
An indie game which has picked up a huge amount of attention online, Superhot is a kind of action puzzle title where time is frozen except when you move. So you'll have to use your brain and your reflexes to literally dodge bullets and get to the end of these hyperstylised levels.

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