Games of July 2016


Games of July 2016

Summer is well underway and, unfortunately if you enjoy playing new games, releases have dried up a little bit. July lacks a traditional blockbuster game, but this is the indie’s time to shine. And there are a few of those ready to capture your imagination.


Release Date: July 7

Platforms: PC

Limbo was a critically acclaimed indie darling when it was released in 2010, so people are naturally excited to see what Playdead follows it up with. The answer is Inside and early reviews are saying that it’s a masterpiece. Inside was released on Xbox One at the end of June, but comes to PC early in July. This could be the most discussed game of this summer.

Carmageddon: Max Damage

Release Date: July 8

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One

It’s a blast from the past. Carmageddon was an incredibly controversial game back in the day, as racers were almost encouraged to mow down pedestrians who got anywhere near their car, and were tasked with blowing up opponents or winning races in a boring and conventional way. Max Damage sees its brand of over-the-top carnage hit PS4 and Xbox One, retaining everything that fans expect to see.


Release Date: July 12

Platforms: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Don’t expect this to be a classic; as we said, it’s not a bumper month for games. This year’s Ghostbusters movie is catching a lot of flak, and video game tie-ins rarely work out as you’d hope. But anyways…Ghostbusters is set after the events of the upcoming film and features four-player cooperative gameplay, though with none of the characters you know or will know of. Little is known about this game, which is a worrying sign in itself.

The Banner Saga 2

Release Date: July 26

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Rounding out the month is the eagerly anticipated The Banner Saga 2. The title was released on PC to rave reviews and builds upon what the original did. It features an interesting world, tactical combat, an intriguing story, and choices that actually matter. With Inside and The Banner Saga 2 bookending July, it might not seem like such a bad month after all.

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