Games Will Take Centre Stage for Microsoft's E3 Conference...


Games Will Take Centre Stage for Microsoft's E3 Conference...
Fewer executives and more games sounds good to us!

This year'sE3 may still be a few months away yet, but Microsoft is already talking up its conference, promising to avoid the same kind of awkward, executive-driven experience that has blighted the event for several studios over the past few years.

Speaking on Twittercorporate Vice President of Microsoft Studios Phil Spencer has told his followers that the presentation will definitely be "as game focused as last year", a presentation which saw Microsoft recover some of its credibility following a disastrous Xbox One unveiling a month previous, and also promised that eager viewers would see "very few execs."

This is definitely a promising sign for Microsoft who, despite strong Xbox One sales, are still lagging well behind Sony's PlayStation 4. A strong showing is precisely what the console needs to start picking up increased sales and convincing those who remain on the fence about which next gen console to buy why the One is the right chice.

Given that the presentation will be so focused on games, the fact that Spencer also told his Twitter followers that the company is "already over our 90 minute time limit and having to move stuff out of [the] show" bodes incredibly well for the event, and suggests that there'll be plenty of games on display to keep hardcore fans happy.

E3 2014 takes place in Los Angeles between June 10-12th.

Games Will Take Centre Stage for Microsoft`s E3 Conference... on
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