Gamestop to trial retro game and console trade-ins


Gamestop to trial retro game and console trade-ins

You may want to dig out your old collection of games, as Gamestop will soon start accepting trade-ins of retro games and consoles.

Before you start tearing your attic apart, it should be noted that this will be a trial program. Gamestop will test out the demand for this trade-in service across 250 locations in New York City and Birmingham, Alabama.

IGN reports that Gamestop will start accepting video game and console trade-ins from the NES era onwards from April 25th. If the program is successful, Gamestop will roll it out nationwide. And, who knows, maybe Gamestop will start accepting retro trade-ins and sell classic titles further afield in the not-too-distant future.

Some may be worried about the condition of the consoles. But Gamestop says that it will only sell products that have been tested and are in working order. Older consoles will have “the same warranty as current used and refurbished consoles." And remember, they don’t build them like they used to.

Gamestop will launch its trade-in program on April 25th. The retailer plans to start selling retro trade-ins two months later once it has a catalogue of classic games and consoles to choose from.

Gamestop to trial retro game and console trade-ins on
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