Garden Warfare Patch on the Way This Evening


Garden Warfare Patch on the Way This Evening
Fix on the way for issues caused by free DLC...

PopCap Games has confirmed that it's aware of the issues affecting Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare players following the release of the game's first free DLC pack earlier this week. The pack, which added a smattering of new maps and abilities, as well as a brand new gameplay mode, has proven to be troublesome for some gamers, with reports of the game crashing, getting caught in loops and hanging while loading.

Speaking on Twitter, PopCap's Justin Wiebe kept players in the loop with the status of the update, confirming that it'll be ready for release later today on Xbox One, but Xbox 360 players will need to wait a touch longer for their fix...

We now have fixes locally and are testing them. All goes well game should be running smooth on X1 tonight. X360 will take a bit longer.

Patch tests are good. We will be rolling out the patch to the servers tonight which will also restore prev economy and balance tuning.

No exact ETA has been announced, but it looks as though you'll be good for any planned play sessions over the weekend!

Garden Warfare Patch on the Way This Evening on
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