Get great story-driven games for cheap with new Humble Bundle


Get great story-driven games for cheap with new Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle is known for putting out great packs at amazing prices, and also helping charity along the way, and the latest is a corker.

The Humble Narrative Bundle wants to tell you a story, several stories in fact. This rather random collection of games have a focus on leading players down a narrative path with strong characters, big consequences and lots of text bubbles to read.

The best known game of the bunch is almost certainly Double Fine's Broken Age which suffered from a really long development and didn't actually end up being that good. Or maybe that was just us.

Sot he proper star of this pack is more likely Her Story. An indie title which went on to earn serious acclaim in 2015, it's an amazingly detailed look at a crime through a series of video interviews with an interface straight out of the 90s. You have to watch the tapes and gather the clues to make the right decisions. And it can be yours for as little as €1.

There's also the rather fun world travelling game 80 Days, retro stuff Read Only Memories and (for a tenner or more) Shadowrun Hong Kong Extended Edition. Again it's a pretty random pack if you're talking about story content but that doesn't mean there aren't a few gems to be had. And for relatively little cash.

Check out the bundle here.

Get great story-driven games for cheap with new Humble Bundle on
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