Get into the FIFA 17 beta here


Get into the FIFA 17 beta here

FIFA 17 will launch in September, as it has been foretold by the many years of other FIFAs that launched at the same time.

There are some big changes in store this year with a proper single player story mode that sees you taking a single character through his entire career, complete with some kind of dialogue choices and everything.

You'll be able to get a taste of the action with a closed beta that kicking off on the 18th of August and running until the 28th of the month. The bad news is you need an invite to get involved and it's not totally clear how to get one.

Right now some FIFA 16 players have been getting invites by email and it might be the case that logging a certain amount of time in the previous title earns you the honour of playing the sequel early.

To find out if you have a chance of getting into the closed beta, you should click on this link to go to the official FIFA 17 beta site. Log in with your EA account and go through the steps to find out if you're eligible.

And if you're not, go play more of FIFA 16 to see if it makes a difference!

FIFA 17 is out on the 29th of September, 2016.

Get into the FIFA 17 beta here on
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