Get your own Pip-Boy that actually works this time


Get your own Pip-Boy that actually works this time

Special editions of Fallout 4 came with a Pip-Boy, kind of. It was actually an oversized and very plastic holder for your smartphone which ended up being very heavy and unweildy and feeling a bit cheap.

Happily, there's another model on the way which looks a lot cool - and of course costs a lot more. Behold, ThinkGeek's take on the Pip-Boy.

Developed with the fine folks at Bethesda, this is a very fancy unit which connects to your phone via Bluetooth and lets you take and recieve calls, check out text messages and play audio. There's a speaker for your tunes and a little compartment on the top housing a holotape that's actually a USB drive.

The included stand is a handy way to charge the item (over USB) and also has a better speaker which lets you use it for playing music and as an alarm clock. The dials work (mostly) and it's fairly light despite having its own build in screen and innards, at around 2 lbs.

Thinkgeek is working on the prototype at the moment so the details aren't set - like how long the battery lasts or how big the USB stick is but it's already looking very cool indeed.

Of course this comes with a (literal) cost of $350, and you can't ship it outside of the US and Canada because of really annoying rights stuff that means we never get access to the best tat.

Anyway, it's available to some lucky people in November 2016.

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