Ghost of a Tale Looks Like Secret of NIMH: The Game. Also Gorgeous


Ghost of a Tale Looks Like Secret of NIMH: The Game. Also Gorgeous

Ghost of a Tale is a third person adventure which features a little mouse in a most dangerous world...

It's very much an indie game, small in stature like its hero but it looks like something quite special. Creator Lionel Gallat cites inspirations from the likes of Disney's Robin Hood, The Dark Crystal and more but the most obvious is definitely Don Bluth's 1984 classic The Secret of NIMH for its dark world and the story of one plucky mouse.

Gallat himself has plenty of animation experience, working at Dreamworks on productions like The Prince of Egypt and at Universal on The Lorax. He developed Ghost of a Tale on his own for the most part before a successful Indiegogo campaign raised a modest budget to get more people involved.

In the story, the little mouse is on an island controlled by the Army of Rats when he learns of a famed treasure in a far away tower. But surely this little mouse couldn't best these towering enemies by himself and claim those incredible riches?

A new trailer for the game shows off the impressive work Gallat has done as the project inches towards completion.

It's been a long road to now but it looks to have been worth it. The world that's been created it commendably detailed, especially for a small title and the character looks gorgeous and vulnerable next to the large enemies in the game.

Gallat says its more of an adventure title with RPG elements so we wouldn't expect much in the way of combat and the puzzling is said to be light. This looks like more of a journey and one through a world that we're very much looking forward to visiting.

Ghost of a Tale (which will hopefully be the first in a series) comes to Xbox One and PC in early 2015.

Here's some Secret of NIMH, just because its amazing.

Ghost of a Tale Looks Like Secret of NIMH: The Game. Also Gorgeous on
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