Ghost Recon Phantoms Meets Assassin's Creed Once More


Ghost Recon Phantoms Meets Assassin's Creed Once More
Second AC-related pack for online shooter released this week...

Ubisoft yesterday released its second Assassin's Creed-related content pack for online shooter Tom Clancy'sGhost Recon Phantoms, adding new armour and weapons to the game.If you don't remember the first pack, don't worry - it was released back when Phantoms was in beta. Now, however, there's no excuse for not adding a little Assassin flair to your loadout.

The Support Bundle will set yoou back 7800 Ghost Coins, theAssault Bundle is available at a cost of 7900 Ghost Coins and the Recon bundle will make you 9000 Ghost Coins lighter, but if you take the plunge you can look forward to getting your hands on up to three Assassin's Creed suits, five classic Assassin's Creed weapons and five Tier VII weapons.

This isn't the first time Ubisoft has chosen to cross over its franchises within the Phantoms world, as last year saw the release of a Splinter Cell pack ahead of the game's move from beta into a full release.

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