Give Dreamfall a Kickstart


Give Dreamfall a Kickstart
The Longest Journey never ends
Kickstarter kicks us right in the nostalgia today with the chance to actually back the long awaited sequel to The Longest Journey.

Adventure game fans had a hell of a time in the 90s, with a run of impressive point and click adventures, only sometimes marred by those interactive movie efforts. Which were fun at the time - admit it!

Coming right at the end of the decade, The Longest Journey might have missed the high point for the genre but the 1999 Norwegian developed adventure gained plenty of critical attention, going on to win multiple game of the year awards. The story focussed on an alternative universe composed of two interconnected worlds - the magical Arcadia and industrial land of Stark. Some people are capable of moving between these two realms, including our protagonist, teenage student April Ryan.

April's journey continued in 2006 with Dreamfall and now players are finally getting the chance to see what happened to these worlds with news of a long awaited sequel.

Independent company Red Thread Games, founded by original creatorRagnar Tørnquist, has acquired the rights to the series from Funcom and have set out to bring The Longest Journey back to life. Over on Kickstarter right now you can pledge to help them continue the Journey, with some very tasty incentives from copies of the game to visits to the developers offices and designing your very own NPC!

The adventure game genre has been thoroughly embraced by the indie developers and for those players who have been waiting more than six years since the previous entry can help to make their answers become concrete.

Hit up the Kickstarter page for more information about the new adventure game. We've pledged, get to it!

Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey will debut some time in 2014 (provided they get the funding!) on PC initially with Mac, Linux and potentially mobile versions to follow.

Grab the previous games in a bundle on Steam here or on here and here.

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