Goat Simulator's Dead Island Parody Is Demented. Also Hysterical.


Goat Simulator's Dead Island Parody Is Demented. Also Hysterical.
Remember that emotional, chronologically reversed Dead Island debut trailer that made everyone think Dead Island was going to be something it most assuredly wasn’t? Well the good people behind Goat Simulator, Swedish devs Coffee Stain Studios understand what went wrong there… a deficiency of goats!

Goat Simulator is the upgraded version of a joke title which promises ‘millions of bugs’. And somehow this is the perfect pitch, as evidenced by the shot of the titular goat propelled through the air by twin gas canisters with a rag-dolled human in tow! The goal of the game cleverly mirrors the prime directive of all goats – Topple Humanity.

Speaking on Goat Simulator’s Steam Page, Coffee Stain promise,

"We're only eliminating the crash-bugs, everything else is hilarious and we're keeping it,"

The gaming event of Q2 2014, Goat Simulator launches (lunches?... Coz Goats eat both anything and constantly? Ok, come back later, I’ll do better…) on April 1st.


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