God of War 4 leak shows Norse setting


God of War 4 leak shows Norse setting

PlayStation hasn't even whispered about the existence of God of War 4 but a major leak of concept art suggests that Kratos will be venturing into a very different world this time.

The first news came from a simple tweet, suggesting that things were about to get Nordic for old Kratos. At least this reference suggests it:

This sounds like a fun new departure for the series, with a whole heap of new gods for this angry man-thing to murder in horrible ways. He might go up against the likes of Thor, Loki and possibly tussle with the all-father himself, Odin. Quite how he'll make the leap to another set of mythology remains to be seen, but you can be sure that it will involve killing lots of things.

Some concept art has also leaked which is said to come from the new game, showing off a different design for Kratos and the world. As usual, it's very pretty indeed.

There are a whole load of additional images, including design elements, over here. Kratos has a new look and seems to be holding onto an axe, which would be quite the departure for someone so wedded to those chained weapons. There's no word on when we'll be getting a new game in the series but seeing as there hasn't been a new release since 2013, it could well be announced soon, and might even be out in 2016.

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