God of War reboot - Kratos has a kid now


God of War reboot - Kratos has a kid now

Sony PlayStation kicked off its E3 coverage with a new God of War game, and this is about as different as you can imagine.

It sees an impressively bearded Kratos hanging out with his young son. And he still has some serious rage issues.

So... we've got a companion for the first time and that means a much richer environment and a closer perspective, more in keeping with Uncharted or The Last of Us. That's a pretty weird move for a series which had previously been about ripping the eyeballs out of towering mythical enemies but it's definitely interesting.

Of course things get monsterous pretty quickly and it starts to feel considerably more like the games that have gone before. It seems like maybe he should have sent his kid home when things get ridiculous but then you'd miss out on some heavily scripted fighting.

We're all up for a better story in this franchise and a softer side of Kratos, let's just hope everyone he loves doesn't die too quickly!

There's no release date yet for this new God of War.

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