God of War's Kratos has a new voice actor - and he's from Stargate!


God of War's Kratos has a new voice actor - and he's from Stargate!

There's a new God of War game, and it looks like a very different proposition to what has come before, with angry fella Kratos having a tag along son who has to learn life lessons while watching his dad rip things apart. Sounds a bit messed up really.

With a new direction the game has also picked up a new voiceman in the form of Stargate's Christopher Judge. You probably know him better as Teal'c - which is a name that is not at all intuitive to type.

Here's some confirmation from Twitter, which is where news happens now.

Kratos has previously been voiced by TC Carson but you can understand why the powers that be might have wanted a change - after all it looks like this Kratos is appearing in an entirely different place with Norse mythology and the addition of a youngling. He has the same scars and tattoos though, which is a bit confusing.

God of War is coming out sometime.

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