Goodwill purchase to net $12000


Goodwill purchase to net $12000
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Goodwill stores and carboot sales could receive a boost in popularity thanks to an incredibly rare find, which could earn one woman over $12,000. A copy of the NES game Stadium Events, one of the rarest video games ever sold in the United States, was bought at a North Carolina Goodwill store for $7.99, but is estimated to be worth between $13,000 and $42,000.

She brought to game to Wilder Hamm, the owner of Save Point Video Games in Charlotte N.C., who knew exactly how valuable this find was immediately. The store has the cartridge alone listed for $2,800. However, his store did not have enough to make an appropriate bid on the game. He offered to sell it on consignment, where his store would keep between 15-20% of the sale, but the woman declined and said that she would be selling it on eBay.

A sealed-in-the-box-copy of Stadium Events fetched $41,300 on eBay in 2010. This copy won’t be as valuable as the plastic had been slit so that the box top could be opened and the contents verified. However, the box alone can fetch prices of approximately $10,000. Hamm confirmed that the box is in great shape, as is the game’s instructions and cartridge.

Stadium Events was originally released in 1987 by Bandai in North America as one of the few games available for the company’s Family Fun Fitness mat. Nintendo bought the rights to the game and fitness mat a year later and subsequently re-released them as World Class Track Meet and the Power Pad controller. All copies of Stadium Events were removed from shelves and destroyed, but 200 had made it into homes across America. Collectors believe that only ten or twenty copies still exist.

Hamm said, in an interview with Kotaku, that he was simply honoured to hold the game, which is the rarest item to have ever come through his door. We’re sure that many old-school gamers will be digging through their classic collections and attics in the hopes of finding another rare title.

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