Gored Of The Rings – Shadow of Mordor Kills Montage


Gored Of The Rings – Shadow of Mordor Kills Montage

Lots has be (rightly) said about Monolith’s new Nemesis system they’re developing for Shadow of Mordor. But can we all just take a minute to remember just how sodding violent this game looks. The takedowns and executions on display here are more than just a step up from those witnessed in Peter Jackson’s nine hour epic. It’s a giant bloody wraith assisted leap!

Gamespot have been diligent enough to compile a selection of the most fluid, flourish-filled finishers awaiting us on September 30th. And while the close quarters combat is extremely reminiscent of the Dark Knight’s beat downs in a trio of certain Arkham games, at least he left his foes more or less intact.

No so much Talion (voiced by Troy Baker – Just like every video game character ever). In any case, we’re not saying all these delicious counters and takedowns are sufficient reason to throw your lot in with Shadow of Mordor. I am insisting they sweeten the deal somewhat though…

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