Gorgeous Fallout 4 mod brings trees back to the Wasteland


Gorgeous Fallout 4 mod brings trees back to the Wasteland

Fallout 4 looks pretty good, especially by the standards of Bethesda games, but the vision of the future post apocalypse is a bit frigging bleak, isn't it?

Not that we're expecting the world to look rosy after a nuclear war but after a generation or so surely nature would have bounced back to some degree?

A new Fallout 4 mod called Resurrection imagines the world as a place that hasn't decayed since humanity went away, but rather one that flourished in our absence. And it looks blooming gorgeous.

It looks like a huge amount of work, pretty much changing every significant enviroment texture in the game. And while the green is sometimes a little overpowering it makes for a welcome change to the atmosphere of the series.

This YouTuber is running a few different mods on top of Resurrection, all designed to bring out natural aspects like storms and grasslands and to enhance the overall look of the game. There's a list of what he's using here.

Some mods are set to come to Xbox One and PC in the coming months and weeks, lets hope Resurrection is one of them.

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