Gorgeous game The Order 1886 gets powerful photo mode


Gorgeous game The Order 1886 gets powerful photo mode

I enjoyed a lot of my time with Ready at Dawn's The Order 1886 - it looked great, played well and had an interesting story. And now there's a reason to go back with an all new photo mode.

The new mode comes from the latest update and is entirely free for all players. This mode allows you to pause the action at any time in the game and move the camera around anywhere in the environment. Then you can select filters to change the look of the image as well as changing the focal length, depth of field and turning motion blur on and off. Ready at Dawn has done more with this photo mode than other games, even giving you the option to hide your player character or enemies if you want to get a look at the detailed backgrounds.

Here's one of the developers to talk about the new photo mode.

They chose a pretty dull location to show off the mode but the range of options is impressive and its also great to see that you can play the entire game with the filter on - making for a new experience. It should be easy enough to create some stunning imagery with the raw materials available in The Order and hopefully will give some players the boost they need to pop back into the game.

The Order 1886 is out now on PS4, grab the latest update to get the Photo Mode.

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