Grand Theft Auto V has over 1 million PC sales in a day!


Grand Theft Auto V has over 1 million PC sales in a day!

Grand Theft Auto V only just arrived on PCs around the world, a full 18 months after the PS3 and Xbox 360 release in late 2013 but it seems players are still very much enthused about the title.

Steam Spy is an account which monitors game states on Valve's Steam platform and they've been checking out everything to do with GTA V, including watching the user numbers. And boy have they grown, with one sample showing an incredible amount are logged in.

When you take into account the people who aren't logged into the game on Steam and those who bought it at retail or through other digital channels, it seems pretty clear that there are well over a million copies out there in the wild right now. Which is all kinds of impressive for a game which came out over a year and a half ago.

Some of these players might have been swayed by the new additions in terms of content - like enhanced graphics and a first person view mode - and additional extras exclusive to the PC release, especially the powerful Rockstar Director mode. But whatever way you look at it, GTA V is a roaring success, with close to 50 million copies sold across the major platforms.

GTA V is available on PC, PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PS4 now.

Grand Theft Auto V has over 1 million PC sales in a day! on
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