Grim Fandango Remastered Available Now - Pretty Adventuring


Grim Fandango Remastered Available Now - Pretty Adventuring

Grim Fandango is back - there's something I never really expected to say.

17 years after its original release, the adventure game has been remastered for a new generation. Which is pretty surprising as the 1998 PC only title was pretty much a financial disaster on its original release. Despite massive hype and hefty review scores it sold less than 500,000 copies worldwide and became one of the last adventure titles to come out of genre-masters LucasArts.

Anyway, here it is, with the redevelopment handled by original directorTim Schafer's new company Double Fine - maybe they used some of the extra cash from their massive Kickstarter to make it happen. The remastered version includes new high res character models, new lighting, a live orchestral version of the score, concept art browser and developer commentary.

Here's the launch trailer, and you can also watch a really cool three part making of doc right here.

Ok, time for some truth - I never loved Grim Fandango. Most of the humour didn't land with me for some reason and it didn't help that the original release had some godawful controls. And like many LucasArts titles, the puzzles were often awkward or arbitrary or maybe my brain is wired incorrectly.

At least this version comes with all new controls, including the ability to just point and click. Which is pretty ironic when you consider that Grim Fandango was LucasArts' conscious move AWAY from that older control method. Playing with a gamepad is also said to be massively improved, which honestly wouldn't be at all difficult.

Extra truth - I also never finished the game, despite still having the box taking up wardrobe space. So maybe I will have to give it a go, for old time's sake...

If you are planning on getting acquainted with old (dead) Manny again, you can already get the game on PC on Steam for €14.99 and just €11.89 on It's out on PSN in the US today, and will land in Europe tomorrow, likely for €14.99 as well.

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