GTA V on PC comes with a super cool director mode


GTA V on PC comes with a super cool director mode

It has been over a year and a half since Grand Theft Auto V debuted on Xbox 360 and PS3, with game also coming to next consoles in November 2014. And it's only tomorrow - the 14th of April 2015 - that PC players will finally get their hands on the game.

For these players, the delays have been endless and tedious - originally slated to release in late 2014, its slipped three times to arrive at its latest point. Thankfully it is finally here, and those who have been waiting patiently will receive all the upgrades to the next gen version of the game (including the first person mode) as well as massively enhanced graphics and a resolution up to 4K, for those who have the hardware to support it.

They'll also get access to GTA V's video editor and an all new addition, the Director Mode. This aspect is exlusive to the PC version of the game and allows for unprecendented manipulation of the game world to create your own unique videos. Examples include being able to change the time of day and weather as well as turning on and off a load of cheats to make thing extra special. You'll be able to summon any character in the game (including animals) and make them perform certain actions on command and use enhanced editing tools like custom filters and add and trim songs from the full game.

The Rockstar guys chatted to PCGamer about the new mode, which comes as an extra to the standard video editing feature- which itself offers plenty of opportunities for budding filmmakers. With all of these tools combined in the PC release, you should expect to be seeing a lot of gorgeous, and deranged, videos from Los Santos very soon.

GTA V comes to PC on the 14th of April 2015.

GTA V on PC comes with a super cool director mode on
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