Guardians of The Galaxy Telltale Series game Announced


Guardians of The Galaxy Telltale Series game Announced

Last night at the game awards a teaser for the newest in a long line of telltale series games, and it’s none other than everyones favourite band of loveable, world-hopping, criminals, the Guardians of The Galaxy.

Look’s like Peter Quil, Gomorrah, Drax, Groot, and Rocket will be the next popular canon to get the telltale treatment.

Telltale have already done games for The Walking Dead as well as Batman so they are well able to deal with big casts and super heroes.

Their signature style is, what we are calling pseudo-comicbook-esque(we know, it rolls right off the tongue) that essentially has the sort of dark inking that comic book characters would get, or the cast of Archer.

It was not Telltale’s only release of the night as they also premiered their third season of The Walking Dead Series.

Telltale games are usually quite short, and therefore cheap, but the good thing is they come out episodically so you can have one game broken into many chapters.

It’s a nice feature which other companies (we are looking at you Netflix) could roll out to stop people from binging on content for the first month after release and then spending months if not years asking when the next one was out.

Either way the teaser is below but it is essentially just the guardians logo, so knock yourself out.

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