Guild Wars 2 gamer virtually executed for hacking


Guild Wars 2 gamer virtually executed for hacking

Hackers never prosper, apparently. Guild Wars 2 maker ArenaNet sent out a public warning to players by executing a player’s online character after they found evidence of their hacking.

The player, known as DarkSide, had been accused of hacking so that they could teleport around the game world, deal impossible amounts of damage, and get out before they could be stopped. Players tried teaming up against DarkSide to no avail. It all sounds a bit like a famous South Park episode…

Video evidence, however, did the trick. A video of DarkSide’s exploits in action caught the attention of ArenaNet employees. They were able to track down the culprit and took action.

Game Security Lead for ArenaNet, Chris Cleary, recorded a video to match the evidence. In it, he takes control of DarkSide’s character for the execution.

The character is stripped, sent to a great height, commanded to wave, and was then dropped to their death. Instead of respawning, Cleary instantly deletes the character. Not only has DarkSide lost this character, but all other accounts have been deleted from the game’s servers.

Now that’s virtual justice.

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