Gwent is getting its own game - from The Witcher 3


Gwent is getting its own game - from The Witcher 3

I've played a lot of The Witcher 3 but I have to admit the built in Gwent card game has never grabbed me.

Frankly I would just rather be slaying monsters and wandering the gorgeous landscape than sitting in a tavern counting cards but I'm sure that's my loss as the fan reaction to Gwent has been rapturous.

Well good news everybody - Gwent is getting a standalone game!

It has been a pretty sure bet that developers CD Project RED would spin off Gwent into its own beast, they've even released physical card decks as part of their expansion packs in recent months and had promised to reveal details of a new title at E3 2016.

The latest report suggests that the company has filed a trademark with the EU Intellectual Property Office this week, and they've even registered a logo.

There's no official word yet but you can be pretty sure this is happening, and I'm certainly a fan of anything else related to this Witcher world.

-Daniel Anderson.

Gwent is getting its own game - from The Witcher 3 on
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