Here's how to get your free DLC packs in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt


Here's how to get your free DLC packs in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt is here, it's huge and it's pretty darn deadly if we do say so ourselves!

And it's also going to get even better, with developers CD Project RED confirming that there's DLC on the way - and it's totally free. There are 16 packs on the way, including new quests, clothes, armour and even a beard and hairstyle set. Yes really.

The packs were released on launch day but that doesn't mean they're automatically added to your game, you'll have to go searchand Bing for them - unless you're on PC and have auto-update from Steam or GOG enabled.

We're using the PS4 version of the game as an example. Just navigate to game in your list and scroll down twice to Related Items. Select it and you'll be taken to the PlayStation Network store where you'll see all available downloads for Wild Hunt.

There are only two right now - the Temerian Armor Set and Beard and Hairstyle Set - but with a new pack a week you're going to be seeing plenty more here, and entirely for the price of free. In the future you'll also find the larger new content packs available here.

Both packs are small, the Armor is 22 megs and the Beards set around 14, so it should take no time to download. Then pop back into the game and you'll have access to a full set of Temerian Armor (including something fancy for your horse).

It's not quite that simple though as you'll still have to buy the equipment, and it's pricey enough for those just starting out. Find a merchant in Woesong Bridge (which is the first real settlement you reach) and he's the guy you just saved from an untimely death.

As for beards, you'll have to pay for those too and you'll find different options all over the map. Here's a still from Reddit with a cleaner looking Geralt.

It's a neat addition (especially as its for free) so get out and get beard trimming! Oh and don't forget that Wild Hunt has dynamic beard growth so you're going to want to visit the barber regularly if you want to look presentable.
The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt is out now on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Here`s how to get your free DLC packs in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt on
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