Hideo Kojima And His Next Gen Cardboard Boxes


Hideo Kojima And His Next Gen Cardboard Boxes

God bless you Kojo!

He puts his ruddy heart and soul into moulding Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain into the very definition of the eighth console generation.

He (ambitiously) built a brand new game engine just for it.
He (stunningly) alone has managed that vaunted 1080p X 60FPS chalice.
He (reportedly) stuffed it with scores of hours of content.
He (wisely) modernised the gameplay to incorporate contemporary stealth mechanics.
He (controversially) released a full retail product to act as its demo.
He (foolishly) took a gamble by swapping out voice actor icon David Hayter for Kiefer Sutherland.
He (strangely) compiled an E3 demo so universally acclaimed for its production values and mood setting and whatever that game developers and filmmakers alike hailed him as a genre superhero.

And what does he go and do then, to answer this maelstrom of anticipation, this miasma of hope?...

The Cardboard Box trailer.

God bless you Kojo, you daft old fox!

The Cardboard Box item epitomises Metal Gear Solid.
It’s extremely ridiculous. It’s also supremely functional.
It’s bonkers, it’s at odds with the otherwise sombre narrative and it is also essential to gameplay.
That the world’s most legendary fighter would toddle about in a cardboard box is foolish.
That the world’s most legendary fighter would ignore such a useful, versatile tool is infinitely moreso.

This updated Cardboard Box item epitomises Kojo’s shrewdness too.
With a handful of minor tweaks, players now have a new way of infiltrating areas, distracting guards, luring foes, escaping detection and going on the offensive. Kojo could have done this with super-serious sounding Tom Clancy gadgets.
Instead he stuck a racy photo on the front of a cardboard box!

Who else would even think of that?!?!

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