Hideo Kojima's name removed from Metal Gear Solid V box art


Hideo Kojima's name removed from Metal Gear Solid V box art

This is getting pretty insane. According to news from CraveOnline the boxart for upcoming title Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain won't feature a single mention of Hideo Kojima. Which is pretty wierd has he's not only the director of this game but also created the series when it first released on the NES all the way back in 1987!

This follows weeks of awkward movements on the part of MGS publisher Konami, including shutting down anyone who has suggested that Kojima was fired from the production. Now it seems his name is gone, along with all references to Kojima Productions and even the Fox game engine. It's hard to know what this really means, especially as Kojima's only word has been that he's working hard on completing the game. Here's a look at the previous box art and what it looks like now.

Given how messy this process has been it's highly likely that Kojima will not be working with Konami again in the future, putting an end to a relationship which has lasted close to 20 years. As for the director himself, he hasn't worked extensively on any other game series in years, though he had been developing an all new Silent Hills since 2012. But he was forced to postpone that project in order to finish up his work on MGS V, putting the future of Silent Hills in doubt.

The worst part is that we're going to have to go through this strange back and forth for months yet - MGS V doesn't release until September 2015 and who knows what state the relationship between Kojima and Konami will be in by then. We wouldn't be surprised if the release date eventually slips. Whatever happens, stay tuned for updates.

Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain is coming to Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3 and PC from the first of September 2015.

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