Hitman release model changes again!


Hitman release model changes again!

The Hitman series has been a going concern for developers IO-Interactive for over 15 years, and they're set to launch a new titles with the streamlined name of Hitman pretty soon.


So Hitman was a game which was originally set for a normal release in late 2015, which shifted to a December debut and an initial pack containing several locations, with other content to be delivered at regular intervals. Shortly afterwards, the game moved into March 2016, and everyone was basically confused.

IO has attempted to clarify things a few times since then but now the company has announced an entirely new release model. Now, Hitman will be arriving on consoles and PC on the 11th of March 2016 as the first in several pieces of episodic content.

On that day, you'll have access to the Prologue and Paris areas. Further locations will be released every month throughout 2016, including Italy (April), Morocco (May) and further adventures in Thailand, the USA and Japan. There will also be community events that are continually updated for 2016 and beyond.

The pricing has changed again too - the Intro Pack will cost $15 and each additional pack will go for $10. You can also get the Full Experience after picking up the Intro Pack for a further $50. Or if you want to keep things simple and are committed to you assassinating future, you can just buy the whole game for 60 quid.

At this point, the whole release for Hitman has been a bit of a mess and IO will need to work hard to educate people as to what the heck they are even getting anymore. A mutliplayer beta is set for February 2016 which acts as a set up for the main game, perhaps that will help to solve some of these issues.

The first part of Hitman is coming on March 11th 2016.

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