Hitman's new episode is out on August 16th


Hitman's new episode is out on August 16th

Hitman launched as a pretty bare bones title a few months back but it's getting bigger and bigger with more missions and murdering every month.

Episode 4 is about to release, with Agent 47 jetting off to Bangkok and the capital city of Thailand. There he'll have plenty to keep him busy, including new costumes and challenges as well as a whole bunch of fancy and unusual ways to bump off your targets.

The main folks wot need killing this time are the lead singer from an Indie band called The Class and his dodgy lawyer. Hitman is all about adding layers to their fiction, so naturally they've created a fake music video for the band using their own game engine.

It's not great but probably still isn't a good reason to kill some poor fella. Anyway, not murdering isn't an option and you'll be able to access the new content from the 16th of August, 2016.

Developers io Interactive have also just announced their latest Elusive Target which can be found in Paris. He's an international antiquities trader who is working to sell a very fancy egg- you should also steal that when you off him.

Here's some video, the target is live in the game now. Don't miss!

Hitman`s new episode is out on August 16th on ClickOnline.com
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