Homefront the Revolution get intense story trailer


Homefront the Revolution get intense story trailer

A sequel to Homefront never seemed that likely, mostly because the original just wasn't very good.

Still production was started and then halted and then things went south really quickly with publisher THQ filing toppling and new IP owners Crytek eventually walking away from the franchise too.

Eventually new developers Dambuster Studios stepped in to craft an ambitious open world sequel and it's been shaping up pretty well since then. Today's story trailer shows just how things have changed in very intense fashion.

It looks dark and slick and like it might actually have a decent plot, which is always nice to see.

There's more bad news for Homefront 2 though as the promo campaign has been pretty quiet and it's coming out just a little after behemoths like Doom and Uncharted 4 and right before Overwatch. That's a lot of competition and the game could easily slip through the cracks.

We'll have to wait and see.

Homefront the Revolution is on PS4, Xbox One and PC from the 20th of May 2016.

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