Homeworld Remastered - Gorgeous Space RTS Gets a Revamp and Release Date


Homeworld Remastered - Gorgeous Space RTS Gets a Revamp and Release Date

For many years, I was principally a PC player - spending countless hours on my usually dated beige box, trying to get acceptable frame-rates out of the latest offerings without sacrificing too much in the visual department. And if there was one game where visuals mattered it was Homeworld.

Originally released in 1999, Homeworld may have been a real-time strategy title but it was also undeniably one of the most gorgeous things which had ever graced by CRT. The combination of gorgeous choral music - including Barber's Agnus Dei - with an incredible sense of scale and SPACE was absolutely intoxicating, giving you the chance to zoom from a single tiny fighter to a massive fleet smoothly. It was pretty awe-inspiring stuff.

Yes video game trailers have changed a lot and this resolution hardly does the game justice. I must also admit that I was, generally speaking, pretty sucky at RTS games in general and the 3D movement of Homeworld also basically befuddled me. I'm not to proud to say that I never finished the game but I definitely gleaned much enjoyment for watching the pretty things explode into smaller pretty things.

And now those things are about to get even prettier.

Gearbox picked up the rights to the Homeworld franchise after the whole THQ clusterflip and announced in July 2013 that they were remastering the original game and Homeworld 2 for a new release. 18 months on, and these titles are almost ready for release. The Homeworld Remastered collection features both old and new version of both titles, with the updated games getting a massive makeover, a cleaned up score and new voice recordings with the original cast. There will also be multiplayer element which will cross over both games.

The first footage of Homeworld Remastered is up, along with a release date confirmation.

While I honestly feel the reveal of the upgraded footage could have been handled a little better - to make it clear how much work has been done - this is an impressive package and one that should be on the radar for RTS and space fans, as well as people who want to chill out with gorgeous images.

The Homeworld Remastered Collection is coming to PC via Steam on the 25th of February 2015 - it's priced at $27.19 with a pre-order discount right now.

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