Horizon Zero Dawn gameplay- robo-dinos are gorgeous


Horizon Zero Dawn gameplay- robo-dinos are gorgeous

The makers of the Killzone series have a new PlayStation exclusive where you hunt robotic dinosaurs in a post apocalyptic future. It's one of the most gorgeous looking games ever made and it's called Horizon Zero Dawn.

Check out the latest gameplay video which shows just how freeform the world is. And also really, really pretty.

Games really are reaching a level now where the technology is catching up with the wildest dreams of the developer and this glimpse of Zero Dawn is hugely impressive.

Sure its open world with a map and crafting and a variety of weapons and the genre trappings aren't unique, but the art style is all its own and there's a huge amount of lore to back it up. It's interesting to hear that some machines are 'corrupted' - suggesting you'll have a very different relationship with the more passive metallic beasts.

And you get an idea of how that works with the tethering of an animal here so you can mount it and get across the map faster. The fighting looks very tactical too and it's going to take a lot of work to bring down some of the bigger bots.

We can't wait to get hands on. Horizon Zero Dawn is exclusively on PS4 on the 28th of February, 2016.

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