Housqmarque Continues to Gear Up for Resogun Expansion


Housqmarque Continues to Gear Up for Resogun Expansion
Latest teaser image released...

If you've got a PlayStation 4 and haven't yet gotten hold of the incredibly awesome Resogun then you're missing out on one of the purest gameplay experiences of past few years. The retro-esque shooter, wrapped in swanky voxel technology and sumptuous visuals, was a revelation when it launched alongside the console last November, and as a free game available to all PlayStation Plus users, there's absolutely no reason for you NOT to have it.

Over the last few months developer Housemarque has been hinting that it's working on something special, first thought to be a sequel to the game, but then officially identified as an expansion, and they continued to build up the hype this morning as they took to the company's official Twitter to unveil the latest teaser image for the game, which you can see below.

The studio has already claimed that this new expansion is "so good it'll blow the original away", which is one heck of a lofty claim, but given their pedigree when it comes to twin stick shooters we've got absolutely no reason to doubt them.

There's stiill no further information regarding the expansion's availability or content, but we're willing to wager we won't have to wait too long more before we can get our hands on it.

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