How much data is Pokemon Go using?


How much data is Pokemon Go using?

Pokemon Go is really taking over the world, with millions of players across 31 countries officially and many more through various hacks.

It's a lot of fun also the kind of game that can eat up plenty of time, keeping you in the app as you walk around and swipe to catch those Pokemon. So it's only natural to ask how much this might be costing you in terms of data and cash over time.

Well it turns out the game isn't really a data suck at all - take our example where we've been playing a good few hours every day over the last week, at least when the servers were actually live!

That's less than 20 megs a day and most users would be spending less time in game, with the Wall Street Journal conducting a survey that suggests a figure of between 5 to 10 megs a day. Netflix can be hundreds of megabytes and hour so it really doesn't compare.

This is because the actual data being sent and received by Pokemon Go is pretty minimal. The maps are already there and GPS is used for your location, which doesn't cost data. Really it's just blipping your phone with the location of the creatures, with the assets already stored in the app. It's all quite efficient, so don't worry too much about data while you're wandering around.

Battery life is another matter entirely, with developer Niantic still working on sorting out the drain.

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