Hyrule Warriors Looks Like The Very Best Time The Wii U Can Offer


Hyrule Warriors Looks Like The Very Best Time The Wii U Can Offer
But is the Tri-Force strong in this one?

Like pretty much everyone else, I love me some Dynasty Warriors. For like fifteen minutes. Twenty at a push… Unlike almost every other action franchise, Dynasty Warriors understands that sometimes a player can’t feel like a righteous smiter of injustice unless they’re literally vanquishing foes by the score. On-screen. At once.

The kind of foe density reserved for most Hack/Slash endgames would hold not the meekest of candles to a tutorial map in your average Dynasty Warriors. And therein lies the issue – It’s not exactly challenging play. And with only a paltry handful of combos to master and no defensive game to master, it turns into a serious grind after about 15 minutes. Twenty at a push…

But for all that, Hyrule Warriors looks sodding magnificent. And such a simple premise

1) Take Ninty’s most revered IP
2) Remove all the lame stuff
3) Crank the ass-whippin’ up to 11

And I suspect I might just. But with almost no enemy attacks to counter (that I’ve seen, obviously) and a paltry few specials and combinations on show, I suspect fifteen minutes may be my limit for even fan services as deliriously entertaining as Hyrule Warriors. Without challenge, I’ll sit uneasily in my puddle of joyful regurgitation. And after twenty or so minutes, at a push, I’d rather clean myself off than play more.

I pray to Ganondorf that I’m wrong and there’s challenge aplenty. Because just look at the damn thing! Hyrule Warriors is a Wii U exclusive available on September 19th 2014.

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