If You Have The Shadow of Mordor Season Pass - It's Time to Kill Endless Orcs!


If You Have The Shadow of Mordor Season Pass - It's Time to Kill Endless Orcs!

Shadow of Mordor is not only one of my favourite games of the year, its also one of the titles that has been best served post release.

Players have received new free runes as well as a very cool photo mode, and now there's some extra content for those who chose to pick up the Season Pass. Which I highly recommend.

The extra outlay ahead of launch gave you the chance to get into the games challenge mode, earning points to spend in game and giving you some extra killing time. And now developers Monolith have released their new Trial of War - Endless Challenge.

Unsurprisingly in this mode the game will spawn infinite numbers of Uruksfrom the depths of Barad-dur. And you've got to murder them all in the face. To celebrate the launch of the game mode, they're also kicking off the Endless Challenge weekend which runs from the 31st of October until end of the 2nd of November.

You're tasked with surviving as long as you can to put yourself on the leaderboard - there are scores of over 40,000 points already, so get in there!

More info here.

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