In Advanced Warfare You Press X to Grieve...


In Advanced Warfare You Press X to Grieve...

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is out (if you got the Day One Edition) and people so far are loving it to bit.

THE BESTEST COD SINCE MOD COD - say the reviews, speaking of course of 2007's Modern Warfare which kicked the franchise into high gear. JUMP REAL HIGH, HOVER AND PUNCH THINGS others say, because you can with the Exo-Suit.

In fairness, it all does seem pretty cool, but that doesn't mean there's no room for mawkwish awkwardness on a level we've rarely seen. In a scene early in the game, you can press X to grieve.

This seems to take place after the first mission (which is already up online) so its not exactly a spoiler.

Apparently if you don't press something you'll just stand there like an eejit for awhile and then walk away.

It's just so obviously an attempt to make the cut scene feel like its interactive but it serves no real purpose - why couldn't this entire section have been on the rails. And have we ever done something this strange by pressing a mere X button.

Oh wait, there was literally a quick time sex scene in Fahrenheit.

You had to thrust with your mouse.


Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is out now on consoles and PC.

In Advanced Warfare You Press X to Grieve... on
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