inFamous: Second Son update stabilizes awful frame rate


inFamous: Second Son update stabilizes awful frame rate
An infamous: Second Son update is in the works, expected to drop in a couple of weeks.

The details of which can be found via Blog Post in the source link below but it’s adding a couple of nifty (and needed) features to the settings menu.

Firstly, clear the game and you’ll be able to change the time of day on the fly. I’m not sure why this one was so frequently requested. But Second Son is a pretty game by any standard and perhaps the usual participant derives a certain satisfaction from Sucker Punch’s myriad lighting effects. Whatever you’re into weirdos, I’ll be over here, pining for some legitimately Next Gen gameplay…

On the subject of prettiness, it’s exactly this graphical gorgeousness that makes Second son such an unbridled mess to play. Shudders, jumps and assorted frame rate issues plagued many a Second Son-er despite the fact the game struggled to outstrip a measly 35 frames per second on a consistent basis. More fool me for thinking this was going to be a next generation flagship…

In any case, the update will enable disgruntled players to cap Second Son’s framerate at a cool and current gen 30fps. This might diminish Second Son’s ubiquitous style, but at least it’ll give you a change to sink your teeth into a little substance.

Lastly, you’ll be able to turn the HUD on and off. A setting so standard it makes the difficulty option look like an exotic new addition.

Yes, I’m a moany git who’s still ragging on Second Son despite the fact it debuted to at worst ‘meh’ reviews. But its focus on glitz and glamour over gameplay exemplifies everything that’s wrong with Next Generation gaming. And I won’t stand for it.
So I’ll have a little sit now.

If you’d like a contrasting opinion though, make your eyeballs look at Peter’s extensive words on the subject!

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