Injustice 2 trailer - kick Superman a lot


Injustice 2 trailer - kick Superman a lot

If you've ever wanted to kick Superman in the arse, then Injustice Gods Among Us is the game for you. And now it has a sequel.

The existence of Injustice 2 was suggested by a leak earlier in the week and now Warner Bros has released the first look trailer. Which is obviously an utterly gorgeous CG teaser that might just be voiced by Bryan Cranston himself. Check it out.

All that stuff about 'adapting' isn't just trailer speak - in Injustice 2 you'll be able to upgrade your character with gear and attributes as you go, in a sort of nod to the RPG levelling mechanic. That means you'll play differently and also look differently to other versions of the same character out there.

It's a pretty neat idea in a fighting game world where the exact same person fighting him or her self doesn't really make sense, and it could also be seen as a nod to the DC multiverse with unique iterations of thc eharacter over time. Or not.

Injustice 2 is on consoles in 2017.

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