Interview - Need for Speed Most Wanted DLC


Interview - Need for Speed Most Wanted DLC
Talking the Ultimate Speed pack with Jamie Figueroa
Need for Speed: Most Wanted gets its first post launch DLC today as the Ultimate Speed Pack arrives. We chatted to associate product manager Jamie Figueroa about the game at a recent press event.

CLICK: Hi Jamie, so tell me about the new DLC.
JF: Sure. Today we’re talking about the Need for Speed Most Wanted Ultimate Speed pack which is out on December 18th. And it includes five new cars; these are some of the fastest, most exotic cars in Need for Speed history. Also 25 new challenges and 70 new multiplayer milestones.

CLICK: When you’re picking the five most exotic cars – how do you do it?
Well the team, I don’t really know how they picked these specific cars but they all have that quality of being really fast.

CLICK: And really hard to control from my experience!
Exactly yes! So when you’re going 170 mph in an exotic you’ve got to really be on point when you’re controlling those cars.

CLICK: And that’s obviously something people they’ve had the game for awhile and got to a certain level so you want to put this out to them as a kind of challenge?
Exactly yea. One of the new cars, is the new Most Wanted rival car. Four of the cars come unlocked and one is a rival car – it’s the Hennessey Venom GT Spyder. That car is super fast and I feel like the race is a really good challenge for seasoned players of the game. So when you unlock that game you’re going to be really happy going 200 miles per hour!

CLICK: And what are the other four cars on offer in the pack?
The other four cars are the Pagani Zonda R, the McLaren F1 LM, the Lamborghini Aventador J and the Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse.

CLICK: You’ve been told to learn them off!
[laughs] It’s only five cars! I’ve been playing the DLC all day!

CLICK: It’s not long after launch so this is the first full DLC pack. How do they decide what to add, there’s already so much content in the game.
You know the response to Most Wanted has been really positive. Our fans love making trouble online and Autolog shows that. So we really want to continue to support Most Wanted and the Ultimate Speed Pack is the start of that.

CLICK: People just said the cars weren’t fast enough!?
No I don’t think so! There are some exotics, Lamborghinis and Bugattis in there already. We felt like this was good addition.

CLICK: Is it a case of adding content they didn’t have time to implement before?
No I mean the full game’s a complete title. This is just something additional; it wasn’t cut or anything like that. It’s an addition to the content.

CLICK: Sometimes the feedback might be you could have included these elements in the original release.
Yea well the content that’s coming out now it wasn’t ready. If it was done at launch we would have made it available then. This is post launch content and that’s our strategy for it.

CLICK: Do you see it as a way to iteratively make the game even better for players?
Yea we definitely want to keep people engaged with the game. All of these cars are available on multiplayer so when it comes out we want people to check it out and go show off against their friends with these cool cars.

CLICK: So you’ll have people who have the pack maybe beating other players with their fancy new cars?
I’ve got this question a lot today. These cars aren’t like super powered, they don’t break the game or are imbalanced. And as you saw they’re kind of hard to control sometimes if you’re not experienced with them. So you’re not necessarily going to have all your scores beaten by someone with these cars. But they are about extreme speed and going really fast.

CLICK: But if you’re racing you’ll know they have the DLC and you don’t so it’ll give them an incentive to buy it?
Yea absolutely. You’ll see that they’re driving a cool car and you’ll want it! And the game’s still popular online these days and we’re about to launch an Autolog companion app which puts your speed points up on a list and all your friends at your fingertips. So when you’re not at your game and someone beats your score you’ll get an alert. And you can mark that challenge and run home to become Most Wanted again. Most Wanted has always been about nonstop competition and we’re really excited about that and want to keep it going.

CLICK: And do you have a favourite car of the five new ones?
Yea I really like the new Most Wanted car – the Hennessey Venom G Spider. That car is very cool.

CLICK: Did you unlock it or did they do it for you!?
I was trying early on the Bugatti and I got really close. But I’ve unlocked it back at the office before! I recommend using the Bugatti when challenging it because they can go sort of toe to toe with that car!

The Need for Speed: Most Wanted Ultimate Speed pack is available everywhere now on Xbox 360 and in North American on PS3. European sorts can download it on PSN on the 19th of December.

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