Interview – Ryuichiro Baba (Executive Producer Rise of Incarnates)


Interview – Ryuichiro Baba (Executive Producer Rise of Incarnates)
Rise of Incarnates, a PC-only free-to-play 2 vs. 2 fighting title is set to launch from Namco Bandai this summer and we caught up with executive producer Ryuichiro Baba to talk about the game...

Click: So we know Rise of Incarnates is a fighting title, but what more can you tell us about the mechanics that underpin the gameplay?

RB: Basically, two-on-two is the main concept in Rise of Incarnates, which is something that Western audiences aren’t really familiar with yet but it’s a very popular format in Japan. The game is kind of a blend of fighting elements as well as shooting. The teamwork involved with you and your partner and the characters that you each choose, plus the range you fight at, all of these things influence the strategy.

Click: What makes it stand out from the other fighting games on the market right now?

RB: One of the things that makes Rise of Incarnates different from other fighting franchises is that it’s not one-on-one. With those type of games, the player’s skill directly determines the outcome of the match, whereas with two-on-two, not so much. Because even if you’re not so good, there’s a chance that your partner is, then you still have a chance at winning. It also allows you to learn from what your partner does. So in that way it’s kind of more like an FPS I guess. That’s quite important for this team mechanic.

Click: The characters that we’ve seen so far all seem very unique. Where do the character and level designs in Rise of Incarnates draw their inspiration from?

RB: The characters are each able to draw on the power of gods or demons that are based off of well-known entities, such as Mephistopheles or Ares. So all of these characters are based off of lore, obviously making them influenced by things like TV, movies, books and other types of popular media. Of course our characters were created by our developers in Japan, but that being said, since our target is a western audience, we did put a lot of effort into revamping thesedesigns to make them more popular with western youth.

Click:What is your favorite part of the game and what do you think makes it most unique?

RB: I would say that there is more than one thing, maybe three, because there is a lot that makes Rise of Incarnates unique. I will try to sum it up. The first thing is the common life pool that is shared by you and your partner. The strategy involved with that is quite unique. Also, the special abilities that the characters have. They can either summon a god or demon or transform into one and that by itself is pretty unique in this type of game. The fact that the game is also a blend of shooting and melee is another unique point. So, it’s not that one character can do melee and another one can shoot; they can all do both to some extent and can switch between them at any time. Though with that being said, the abilities of the different characters are so distinct that the gameplay can feel quite different when changing up the characters in a match.

Click: Are there any other details about the pending release of Rise of Incarnates that you can share?

RB: If you check the homepage at, we will be announcing the alpha version of the game, where people can apply to get testing keys. We can’t say exactly when that will start, but sometime around the end of May or the start of June. Rise of Incarnates will be free-to-play and only available on PC.

Interview – Ryuichiro Baba (Executive Producer Rise of Incarnates) on
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