Is Fallout 5 already being made?


Is Fallout 5 already being made?

Fallotu 4 has only just landed, with the first DLC pack on the way this month and plenty more support on the way throughout the rest of 2016. But that doesn't mean we should just be waiting around for more tales from the post apocalypse.

A voice actor for Fallout 4 managed to reveal on Instagram that he was working on Fallout 5! The fellow in question is Ryan Alosio - he's pretty new to voice and his biggest live action role to date was spending 11 episodes on Days of Our Lives. He voiced the character of Deacon in Fallout 4 and was posting on Instagram about some work he was doing when he accidentally posted a picture of a character he didn't voice.

It was all a bit jumbled from there but the short version is that he then posted this, before quickly taking it down. [via fraghero]

If this is true it's a pretty random way to find out that the game is underway, and he could potentially be doing some work on the upcoming DLC. However these games take a really long time to make and if Bethesday is intent on having a smaller lag time than the seven years between Fallout 3 and 4 they would want to be back in development as soon as possible.

We probably won't get any official word on this game for years yet and it was always a foregone conclusion but its good to hear that work is already progressing.

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