Is Star Wars Battlefront about to get new Heroes?


Is Star Wars Battlefront about to get new Heroes?

Star Wars Battlefront's first paid DLC will be out in March. Outer Rim may feature a new Hero and Villain, which the community suspects will be Nien Nub and Greedo.

Some teaser artwork for the upcoming DLC features the two characters front and centre in the midst of a small battle outside of Jabba's Palace. Of course, they could be featured as they're the most notable Rodian and Sullustan characters. Players can already utilise Greedo's head in-game, though he doesn't pack any additional abilities.

So who are these characters? Well, Greedo is the bounty hunter that Han shot in the Mos Eisley cantina. Whether he shot first is subject to debate...And Nien Nub flew with Lando in the Battle of Endor on board the Millennium Falcon.

There are four new Heroes and Villains to be added to Star Wars Battlefront, the first of which may be coming next month.

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