Jade Empire coming to iOS soon


Jade Empire coming to iOS soon

You've probably heard of the developing behemoth called BioWare. They've produced the Mass Effect and Dragon Age series and generally hit every RPG out of the park.

The company has been around for a long time though and those modern action role playing games probably wouldn't exist without the utterly groundbreaking 2005 effort Jade Empire.

It was grand and gorgeous but most important managed to keep its many fighting scenes in a real time rather than turn based gameplay. That was a major turning point for the genre in general, and hugely influenced the feel of 2007's Mass Effect.

Well if you've never managed to play the game on any format (shame on you!) your best chance yet is coming up as it seems we're finally getting an iOS port, some 11 years after it originally released.

Apparently it's in the works by Aspyr Media who worked on ports for Knights of the Old Republic and will be launched on the 18th of August, at least according to their Twitter.

It's really not much of a mystery then as IGN also posted a trailer earlier in the week which pretty much spoiled the whole thing. Oops.

We're hoping this port isn't too clunky as there's a lot to cram into Jade Empire, and it's hard to imagine the epic sweep of the story on a tiny mobile screen, not to mention mashing minute buttons to pull off the complex fights, some of which last a really long time. Still time will tell.

Jade Empire is on Mac and iOS on the 18th of August, 2016.

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