Japan wants Pokemon removed from Hiroshima memorial


Japan wants Pokemon removed from Hiroshima memorial

Pokemon Go is a lot of fun, but sometimes it's also inappropriate.

At least that's the perspective of the Japanese government, who are urging the makers of the game to remove the crafty creatures from certain areas, including the Hiroshima peace park which is dedicated to the memory of that terrible day in 1945.

A major commemoration ceremony is set to take place in the park on the 6th of August in honour of those who died and Japanese officials have asked developers Niantic to remove the many Pokestops and gyms from the park before that date. A similar move is being made to excise Pokemon from the site at Nagasaki where 74,000 people were killed.

It's a sign of how augmented reality games like this also have to consider cultural sensitivity. Gaming is no longer something we do at home, alone and in private - it is a public community and that means being more considerate and respectful of everyone, regardless of whether they're out seeking a wild Pikachu or not.

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